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In 2018, I moved to Iraq to work as a WorkWell Project Manager for Preemptive Love Coalition, an INGO specializing in humanitarian aid and job creation. The empowerment program I oversee, WorkWell, offers online job opportunities and  coaching to young people in four cities in Kurdistan. 

In my role, I manage the development and implementation of the WorkWell program Erbil, Sulaymanyiah, Duhok and Mosul. The aim of WorkWell  (by December 31, 2018), is to provide 1000 individuals in Iraq with access to meaningful employment online. We provide coaching and mentorship in both Basic IT, and Advanced IT skills. This includes, but is not limited to, coding, web development and bookkeeping, as well as a series of Microwork opportunities in the private sector. The program also focuses on soft skill development, essential in entrepreneurship and personal growth. All WorkWell sites encourage the most successful students to become freelancers, and support them in this journey.

Before moving to Sulaymanyiah, Iraq, I was working with Soksabike, a bicycle tourism social enterprise operating in Battambang, Cambodia. Soksabike specializes in vocational training for young people in Battambang and believes in a market-based approach to community empowerment. As a Sustainability Manager, I spearheaded all impact related activities, ensuring the company was financially and socially sustainable.  

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